About Us
About Us
  • Name:  SIVA.P (Sivavikkraman Palani)
  • Born : May 1961 in Batu Arang, Selangor Malaysia in a family of 6 children to a lower middle class family.
  • Education : Bachelor Honour Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Malaya Malaysian 1986.
  • Present Employment : Operating own engineering company in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Spiritual Quest : Find simple ways of healing that will reduce the burden of the poor and improve their healthcare.
  • Founder of Prana Violet Healing : Founded Prana Violet Healing using the Prana Healing Wand (PHW) after 35 full moon visiting the Candi’s of Jogjakarta mainly Borobudur and Perambanan. The Prana Violet Healing was founded in July 2008. Have done 91 Full Moon visits as of June 2023.
  • Healing Workshop : Conducted Prana Violet Healing workshops in various cities in Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, India, Spain, Germany, Singapore, India, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Curacao, Senegal, Colombia, Chile, Mauritius and Burma.
  • Healing Experience : Have healed many people in all type of situation.

To connect with our world wide volunteers please visit : http://www.pranaviolethealing.com/our-volunteers